How you can help:

  • Scholarships
  • Corporate Connections
  • Volunteer
  • Become a missionary

About Scholarships

Our goal is for every student to be able to attend the JPII Outdoor Lab regardless of their financial situation.  For this reason, we offer scholarships to students that are unable to fully cover the cost to attend our program. We can only do this with your help. Please consider making a tax deductible donation to the JPII Outdoor Lab Scholarship Pool or consider donating to a specific school that you would like to support. We are very grateful for your generosity. On behalf of all of the kids that, with your help, are given an opportunity to encounter God through the JPII Outdoor Lab; Thank You.

Donate HERE


Corporate Connections

The JPII Outdoor Lab is asking businesses and corporations to consider making a tax deductible donation through our Corporate Connections Team. Through Corporate Connections, the JPII Outdoor Lab invites you to support a school or multiple schools that are attending our program.

With your support, we will inspire a new generation of Catholics who are leaders in their parishes, schools, and communities.

Participating students will have the opportunity to:

  • experience community and personal growth in the Colorado wilderness where they will have daily Mass, Adoration, and Confession
  • become knowledgeable about the sciences and social aspects of their water, food, and energy supplies, and their connections with ecology throughout Colorado
  • become leaders in their relations with God, themselves, with others, and creation.
Tiers of giving
  • Basecamp Team: $900 annual/ $75 month
  • Alpine Team:$1800 annual/ $150 month
  • Summit Team:$3600 annual/ $300 monthly
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Are you interested in volunteering with the JPII Outdoor Lab? We would love to get you involved in our mission!

Here are just a few ideas of talents that would bless the students, teachers, and staff of JPII Outdoor Lab:

  • Do you enjoy youth ministry and leading youth to grow in their faith?
    • JPII Outdoor Lab looks for great leaders that are wanting to help youth grow closer to Christ.
  • Do you have experience with grant writing or just want to help with grant research?
    • JPII Outdoor Lab is partially funded through grants and we need help with searching for grants, gathering the data needed for grant applications, and writing grants.
  • Are you good at wood work?
    • Cut our tree cookies for student name tags. We need about 1200 of these each year. We can provide the wood.
  • Are you good with social media and computers?
    • JPII Outdoor Lab needs people to help promote our apostolate and all of the amazing things happening each week of the year.
  • Do you love to research science and faith topics?
    • • JPII Outdoor Lab is continually growing our curriculum and need help researching topics for implementation into our curriculum.
    • JPII Outdoor Lab needs help with publishing our curriculum.
  • Do you love Astronomy?
    • Join us for Astronomy nights and help students discover the wonder of using telescopes.
  • Do you love to organize things?
    • JPII Outdoor Lab is in continual need of help with organizing loads of gear and lesson.
  • Do you love photography or/and videography?
    • Almost every week of the year we have opportunities to photograph and film our students at JPII Outdoor Lab.

There are so many ways to help in our mission. Please contact JPII Outdoor Lab at (303) 532 – 1931 and we will work to find the right fit for you.

Parent Chaperones

If your child is attending outdoor lab, come along!  We always need parent chaperones at JPII Outdoor Lab.  In fact, parents have often said they receive just as much, if not more from the experience we provide. Contact your child’s teacher to get involved.


JPII Outdoor Lab is inviting you to be a Missionary!

The mission of JPII Outdoor Lab

Through an authentic encounter with Christ in his creation, JPII Outdoor Lab aims to awaken in young people a full and active relationship with God, shaping their relationships with themselves, others, and creation.

Three Aspects of JPII Outdoor Lab’s Mission:

  1. JPII Outdoor Lab Community
  2. We support each other in fully living the Catholic Faith
  3. All missionary staff teach and perform support staff tasks for Outdoor Lab, a Catholic Environmental Outdoor Education, Catholic Leadership, and Confirmation program for Catholic Schools and Catholic Home School Families.
  4. JPII Outdoor Lab Goals for Missionaries
    • We accomplish our goals for missionaries through helping missionaries find a spiritual director, encouraging daily Mass and adoration, introductions to religious communities and faithful Catholic spiritualties, and living a life of faith as we accomplish the work that God provided.
    • The first goal for our missionaries is to help them grow in their relationship with Christ.
    • Our second goal is to help missionaries discern their primary Vocation.
    • Our third goal is to help missionaries discern their secondary vocation. We help you discern what work God is asking you to pursue to best utilize the gifts and talents that he has given you.

Missionary Time Commitment

JPII Outdoor Lab missionary staff make a two-year commitment, starting in late May of each year. After two years our missionaries can make a proposal to stay on as permanent staff; others have gone on to explore religious life, get married, take another job in their true vocation, or enter graduate school.

Program Locations

Missionaries will serve youth in the heart of the Colorado Rockies. Outdoor Lab takes place primarily at Camp Santa Maria in Grant Colorado with our home office in Denver. Students and their teachers come to us at Camp Santa Maria for 3 to 5 days almost every week of the school year. Also, there are opportunities to lead youth on backpacking trips in the spring and throughout the summer with our Pilgrimage program.

Missionary Staff Requirements

The following are necessities for Missionary Staff:

  • Commitment to living their Catholic Faith and living true to the teachings of the Magisterium.
  • Commitment to spiritual growth.
  • Commitment to living in community
  • Commitment to daily Mass and prayer.

Desired skills for the position include:

  • Organizational skills.
  • Theology training and studies.
  • Experience in teaching, youth ministry, camp counseling, and other programs working with middle and high school youth.
  • Experience with outdoor education and adventure education.
  • Experience with adventure in the outdoors.
  • Marketing and office skills.
  • Musical talents.
  • Website management.
  • Business management.
  • Ministry development.

Missionary FAQs

Is this a paid position?

Like other missionary organizations, JPII Outdoor Lab missionaries raise 100% of their living expenses while serving with youth. Each missionary staff member cultivates a support team of parishioners, families and individuals who become partners in our mission through prayer, service, and financial support. Our summer training includes excellent instruction in fundraising, as well as coaching and personal attention from other JPII AI staff.

Do Missionary positions have employment benefits?

JPII Outdoor Lab missionaries are offered a subsidy towards a health insurance plan.

Do I have what it takes?

Let God help you decide that! Our staff members have a wide variety of backgrounds and undergraduate degrees, from marketing to philosophy, from history to psychology. They come from state schools and Catholic schools; they are cradle Catholics and converts. What characterizes them all is a love for Jesus Christ and the Church He founded.

We also ask that during your first year of Missionary service, staff embrace a fast from romantic involvement using that first year to pour oneself into service and prayer.

Above all, the question every potential staff member should ask him/herself is:

“Do I have the heart for this mission?”

Contact Us About Volunteering and Missions

Email us to learn more about this opportunity!